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"deep-tech can play a big role in transforming fashion... With the fashion world suddenly finding itself caged within a global lockdown, the contactless world of virtual runway shows managed to make the transition to the mainstream... Further proof of the same can be found in Milan-based deep-tech company, Bigthinx, that offers artificial intelligence for fashion and retail." - Vogue India

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With the Pandemic changing the way many industries operate, problem-solving turned into innovative solutions in 2020. In collaboration with Bigthinx, a top Artificial Intelligence company focused on the fashion-technology space, I  showcased a piece from my new, entirely sustainably-made collection on Friday, June 5th, 2020. It was among the first fully digital 3D Virtual Fashion Shows (including Digitized Human Models) to have ever been done. Due to the shutdowns from the pandemic, all of the fabric shops in my vicinity remained closed, so I also had to personally navigate how to create a new collection under the circumstances. These works were borne out of the need for creative problem solving, but the solution and insight the experience itself provided has been profound. This collection is inclusive with pieces made to work on virtually every body type, but most importantly, the textiles and pieces were constructed entirely out of clothes I had in my closet. I cut apart, re-designed, hand painted, sewed, created the patterns, dyed and embellished every textile and piece (including using biodegradable glitter). I also experimented with using natural dyes from vegetables (beets in particular). This experience opened up a world for me, in which sustainability does not have to come at the cost of design or creativity, but rather, offers an incredible new angle from which to explore and develop textiles, art and fashion. 

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