• Brand + Project Management

  • Creative Concept + Development & Experimentation, strength in Textiles and Fashion Prints

  • Organizational Skills

  • Time Management + ability to work under time constraints

  • Proficiency in the ADOBE creative suite software + Procreate

  • Computer skills (including office 365)

  • Graphic Design, Layout + Website Design

  • Interpersonal + Cross-cultural communication

  • Strong writing + editing skills

  • Teamwork, Adaptability + willingness to learn/good with direction

  • Garment Construction + Production: Sewing and Pattern-making in a variety of size and product ranges + Hand-sewing

  • Photo Production and editing

  • Knowledge of fabrics, notions and sustainable material solutions

  • Fabric manipulation (including Embroidery + beadwork, basic knitting)

  • Strong Research and Sourcing abilities + Resourcefulness 

  • Fine Arts abilities including sketching, painting, collage

  • Color Theory and Color psychology



Central Saint Martins

2019: Fashion Folio Program, Focus in Fashion Print & Textiles. London, England

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

2018: Summer Intensive in Fashion Design; Introduction to GERBER technology and Trend Forecasting + WGSN. Met with Fabletics and Savage x Fenty designers, introduced to production skills. Los Angeles

University of Southern California

2017-2018: Major, Public Relations

Minor, Communication Design


2020-Present: Ongoing mentorship and education in fashion knitwear

Marc Jacobs Masterclass in Fashion Design 2018

  • Selected from a pool of over 50,000 designers to showcase my debut collection with Oxford fashion studio, making me the youngest at 19 years old

  • Exercised quick production with the entire timeline from concept to final collection (24+ pieces) taking less than two months

  • Debuted collection at the prestigious Pier 59 in New York.

  • Selected and invited by Flying solo as one of five talents to showcase my collection in Le Marais during Paris Fashion Week in an exclusive invitation-only show


VIRTUAL SHOW- Collaborated with a top fashion-tech company on solutions oriented work during the pandemic by creating a piece featured in one of the world's first entirely Virtual Fashion Shows.

  • Created a corresponding collection that was made sustainably by up-cycling materials and transforming them into new textiles and piece.

  • Experience in cost-conscious and sustainability minded design 

  • Created textiles with recyled materials and handmade natural dyed from vegetables, marbling and environmentally friendly embellishments


  • headlined a panel discussing female empowerment through fashion at a large fashion-technology conference alongside other panelists, including higher-ups from levi's and google.

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Founder, designer producer of my fashion and textiles label and projects.

  • Spearhead each phase of production, including sourcing, brainstorming, planning, and construction.

  • Generate extensive research of emerging fashion trends as monthly guide for upcoming collections + projects

  • Obtain and review new textile products bi-monthly through in-store visits to local manufacturers and or fabric shops.

  • Experiment with sustainable solutions and ways to incorporate accessibility/inclusivity into designs

  • Conceptualized, researched, sourced materials, designed and constructed over 6 complete collections/ textile series single-handedly

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New York Fashion Week




  • Sewing production and textiles work, detailed embroidery work on gowns. Ideation and execution under tight deadlines. Assisted in photoshoots and managing clothing

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Marcus Lemoni/ML Fashion Group
Showroom West Assistant


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  • Showroom merchandising

  • Created line sheets for brands,

  • Performed inventory checks and verified incoming stock against purchase orders

  • Managed customer relations 

  • Conducted research, strategized and presented 70+ reports detailing trends, and client information for upcoming seasons and events for individual brands and showroom managers

  • Acted as the point of contact for 7 in-house brand events, including Revolve and 20+ appointments 

  • Organized La Market Week 2017 showroom event

  • Assisted heavily with showroom management 

  • Acted as a fashion stylist during appointments.

  • Interfaced directly with customers both inside and outside of appointments to drive increased sales

  • Due to my Adobe InDesign knowledge, I created the Spring Summer 2019 look-book for Vogue 

  •  Assisted the design team in the Atelier with fabrics acquisition (gained experience with sourcing)

  • Helped marketing department run smoothly by working with samples, graphic design and e-commerce responsibilities 

  • Managed influencer contacts and social media outreach 

  • Managed Inventory and samples as well as Linesheets

  • Press pulls for magazines and publications including glamour, and Instyle Magazines

  • Direct customer relations point-person

  • Assisted running photoshoots and managing models/products

  • created Holiday gifting guides for a variety of publications including Glamour, Elle and Teen Vogue

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  • Conceptualized, sketched, digitally rendered and designed a custom gown featured in the popular fashion design app Covet, which users can use while playing.


Design +Textiles Intern

Zac posen
Public Relations + Marketing intern

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 8.43.15 PM.png
  • Recruited by "Society's Breakout Star (The Observer)" Julie Macklowe at Vogue's, "Forces of Fashion" event in October 2018 to develop inspiration, textile and garment designs for her children's clothing brand concept "Chirping Bird."

  • Attended INTERFILIÈRE textile expo in New York 

  • Experimented and learned about innovative fabrics and textiles solutions 

  • Materials sourcing and ordering expertise while remaining cost conscious and within budget needs

  • Invited by brand Wildfang to design a pin conveying a message of positivity and empowerment ("Yes Pin") to coincide with a launch of products designed alongside Olympian Abby Wambach, Taylor Schilling and Amanda Seyfried

  • In tandem with female empowerment organization, "I Am That Girl"

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Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 8.53.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 8.02.44 PM.png
  • Launched and maintained a fashion blog, ran primarily through Instagram named: Redonner

    • Name Redonner means "To give back," +  reflects goal to give back, and focus on  philanthropy/global purpose 

  • WON PITCH CONTEST  at "Girl2016"(conference) for global philanthropy vision  

  • Banana republic feature of my photos and fashion compositions

  • ammased following of 32,000+ followers over two fashion focused accounts

  • Content Creation + Photo production editing

  • Social media management and planning

  • Writing, and editing skills for all posts

  • In Collaboration with I Am That Girl, as a representative for the female empowerment organization, I worked with Modcloth on a roundtable discussion and photoshoot to discuss body positivity and the importance for positivity and inclusion especially amongst young people


Wildfang Pin Collaboration

Textiles+ Fashion Design Consultation

fashion blog: REDONNER



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Received an International Design Award (IDA) for my excellence in innovative designs and contribution to fashion. 

Selected for my trends-forward design perspective, I routinely help to collaborate with and inform on upcoming and current trends


Selected as one of five designers in the world as a a "one to Watch" design talent

Recieved a Certificate for participating in Parsons x Teen Vogue's Fashion Industry Essentials program


I was granted a continuing profile with Vogue Italia to showcase my design works, and my collection will be up soon!

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Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 3.27.38 PM.png

Tommy Hilfiger x Intern Queen Brand Ambassador

Due to my skill in social media and content creation, I was selected by Tommy Hilfiger in collaboration with Intern Queen to partner with and represent the brand for events in the Los Angeles area. 

Invited by Conscious Fashion Campaign to be included in observing and participating in discussions surrounding the future of fashion in line with the United Nation's Sustainability initiatives at the United Nations General Assembly in fall 2019. 

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Featured in Addy Media's coverage of New York fashion week on Sky one (UK) & Amazon Prime

For my New York Fashion week featured collection, my collection was filmed and featured in a documentary-style film, available on Amazon Prime and Sky One, one of thhe leading outlets in the U.K.