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Niki Srinivasa is a California native and is primarily self taught in fine arts. Her path to where she is now has been unconventional, but it is in its unique development that she has become the artist she is today. Growing up, she was always surrounded by intricate beadwork on sculptures or clothing; her Indian heritage has and continues to play a profound role in her development as an artist, and in informing the choices she makes stylistically. Her Grandmother, Pati, may not have ever had art adorning walls in galleries, but is someone who would create art every day; Niki was often surrounded by masterpieces created using nothing but coffee powder, and observing how Pati created beauty from the peels of vegetable remains; she instilled in Niki both a sense for how to see the world as more extraordinary in the artistic potential of each and every thing around us, and a fascination with possibilities of the unconventional.

Feeling deeply called to explore embroidery and beadwork because of her childhood, and being drawn to the ornate elements and textures of textiles, she began her creative career in fashion, showing collections in 2018 at New York and Paris Fashion week and winning awards by age 20. From the whirlwind of the runway she transitioned to refining her skills, and it was while discovering and studying Print at Central Saint Martins, where creating artwork was the main component, she realized that creating artwork first was integral to her design work and so more than fashion, the artwork itself was her true direction, and she re-focused on her art.


Through her experiences in fashion, she gained insights and skills in how to create using beads, and embroidery, and her Indian heritage continued to shine through as she transitioned more fully into art. She aims to bridge gaps between mediums and incorporate those ornate and traditionally fiber elements in her traditional artwork as well, creating personally authentic, textural fine art experiences. She feels that making art is a spiritual experience, and often experiences strong impressions of vivid imagery which serve as initial sources of inspiration for her art. She believes painting is the way through which she is best able to explore her personal history, and interests. Her art is reflective of her personal life story, and her unique style has resulted in achievements including having been commissioned to create a piece of art for the Aretha Franklin Biopic, “RESPECT,” an upcoming Billboard featuring her art in Times Square, an exhibition at Art Basel, an upcoming exhibition to celebrate The United Nations’ Day Of The Girl Child, and an upcoming Artist's Book publication as well as a children's book. She has most recently been named as a recipient of a 2021 American Art Award for Animal Impressionism (the award is juried by 25 galleries and museums voted as the best in the country). 

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