My name is Niki, and I'm a 21 year old living in the beautiful Southern California.

Ironically, I was definitely NOT always into fashion- in fact looking back, I  can easily say I had the WORST fashion sense as a kid! 

For me, fashion- even in my not so fashion-forward era- has always been a way of expressing myself, and as a kid and young teen that was not always so easy. I was constantly bullied, put down and mocked for the the simple reason of being who I was- and that really hindered how I saw myself, and my ability to express myself. The media portrayed beauty as one thing, and as a curvier, Indian young woman, I did not fit those "standards."

But to me, that is my superpower. Being different is not easy, but I have grown to see it as an opportunity to make an impact. I never had the opportunity to see a girl just like me in the media spotlights, but girls like me deserve representation too. So, I want to be a force to make a difference, and stand for fair representation and opportunities. 

I want to continue to grow in my fashion pursuits, but also with a career in entertainment to further enhance my mission for empowering and inspiring women.

I hope to continue to create beautiful and classic, yet on-trend clothing for every woman and every body type. 

To me, style has no number.

I had the opportunities to show at both New York and Paris Fashion Weeks in September 2018, which was the most empowering experience. Through my experiences, I have received many wonderful opportunities, including collaborations, speaking engagements, such as the women empowerment panel I got invited to speak at at fashion-tech conference powerhouse Fashinnnovation. I hope to keep expanding my brand and ventures further into entertainment, and continue spreading my passion for inclusion and diversity.