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Niki Srinivasa

Artist. Creator. Visionary. 

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My name is Niki, I'm 22 and from Southern California. I am an American Art-award winning fine artist, illustrator and an International Design Award winning Fashion Designer.  My journey has been a whirlwind, but through the incredible twists and turns I truly believe I have accumulated a wealth of inspiration and self-knowledge that has allowed me to be the artist I am meant to be.  I began my creative career in fashion, showing collections in New York and Paris fashion weeks, headlining panels and collaborating with brands including Tommy Hilfiger. When I got the chance to go abroad and study at Central Saint Martins in London for fashion, I soon discovered the art-focused fashion print, and realized making the artwork first, which had the potential to be translated into other purposes or stand alone, was what I loved most, and I knew that Fine Art was my true direction and passion- truly the place of happiness I was missing. I then dedicated myself to developing my skills, and continue to look for ways I can elevate my style and technique.

I have a deep interest in embroidery, beadwork, ornate details and fiber arts, which is primarily informed by my Indian heritage and developed through my fashion experiences. Ironically, I lost my way and drifted/dissociated from my deep passion for art as well as my heritage through adolescence, and it is in both of those that I have found integral components of who I truly am as a person. I aim to incorporate those elements alongside my use of traditional mediums, creating personally authentic, textural fine art experiences that speak to my dreams and my culture. My art is reflective of my personal life story, and my unique style has resulted in achievements including having been commissioned to create a piece of art for the new Aretha Franklin Biopic, “RESPECT,” an upcoming Billboard featuring my art in NYC Times Square, a illustration collaboration for a shirt design, commissioned work, an upcoming  exhibition at Art Basel, an upcoming exhibition to celebrate The United Nations’ Day Of The Girl Child, and an upcoming Artist's Book publication as well as a children's book. Most recently, I received a 2021 American Art Award, which was selected from over 2000 works from artists worldwide by the top 25 galleries and museums in the United States. 

Thank you so much for being here. We each only have a certain amount of time in the day, and it is incredibly meaningful to me that you have chosen to spend even one minute on my site!  I hope you enjoy exploring, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding my process or works (or anything in general!).


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