Hi! Welcome.

My name is Niki, and I am an International Design Award-winning Fashion & Textiles designer, who has a unique passion for bringing play, whimsy, innovation, trend-setting and visionary work to the fashion and textile industries. I have been recognized for my design vision and for my ability to authentically connect with others while taking a diligent, hard-working approach to all of my work and projects.

I believe that childlike joy is something that is truly accessible to everyone, and provides a huge source of inspiration and excitement for me; my own childhood experiences provide nostalgic reference points that I often consider in the beginning of my design process, while simultaneously balancing today's trends and styles. I hope to tell stories and evoke a sense of that joy through my textiles and fashion collections, all of which I design and construct by hand, and view my clothes as an extension of my own personality and style. With every opportunity and project, I like to utilize my distinct perspective to add a new understanding and level to my work.

I love to experiment and consider the needs of the consumers in today's world, while staying true to my design vision, which always centers on experimentation in fabric use and sources of inspiration, as well as brings a playful energy through bold prints, while also remaining grounded in the cornerstones of sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity/body positivity. To me, style has no number or limitation, and design is enhanced through navigating these exciting and necessary ventures to find and create solutions. 


 I hope to continue making impacts in the fashion and textile industries with diverse projects, speaking engagements, sustainable solutions, collaborations,  design positions, and philanthropy work, and to empower others to live authentically by creating works that are available to any and everyone, unbound by size, ability or circumstance.

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