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I am a forward thinking Fashion Designer, Creator and Talent, who has a unique passion for innovation, trend-setting and visionary work within the fashion and entertainment industries. I have been recognized for my ability to authentically connect with others while taking a diligent, hard-working approach to all of my work and projects. I like to tell stories through my clothing, which I make by hand, and view my clothes as an extension of my own personality and style. With every opportunity, I like to utilize my unique perspective to add a new understanding and level to my work.


I want people to feel inspired and empowered through the clothes they wear, and not afraid to express themselves. Through my clothes, I want to create a range of fashion that any and every woman can wear. I hope to continue making impacts in industries known for being resistant to changes; my clothes are classic, feminine and flattering to the body and are made to make girls and women feel absolutely beautiful! I believe style, and talent should have no number, or race attached to them, but should transcend superficialness; I'm on a mission to make fashion and entertainment more body-positive and racially diverse, and want to be that force for change.